• February 9, 2022
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What constitutes as the perfect neck massager in any user’s mind? For most, it becomes essential that the device in question is made from a material of high quality, such as leather or cloth which is of premium build. This is important because this will be in contact with your skin so they should be non-toxic and made of breathable materials. A great option will be versatile enough to enable you to massage not only the neck but other parts of your body such as your legs and back area.

VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow Review

It is a statistical fact that today, one out of three individuals in drive their cars and even work for hours on end in an uncomfortable position. This could be either if they remain sitting at their office as most jobs are very tough and demanding. Massage is the most effective means to relieve the pain and Shiatsu neck massage is the most common.

As a rule, the first step should always be to find the area of your body which is critical and needs the most immediate care. If it’s your neck, back, legs or stomach, pick a shoulder massager that is a long strap massager which looks quite a bit like a belt as this will enable you to reach the best massage angle to fix your issue. If you’re worried for your neck, knees, elbows or lumbar spine, you’ll get a lower priced pillow neck massager.

VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow Review

Today, we are talking about the VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow which is a massager that takes the form of a pillow as the name suggests. While some massagers are cushions that you fasten to your chair or hand held tools that you use to reach around and massage your own back, this is a pillow that you can put underneath your neck when heading off to sleep.

Of course as this is a lightweight, portable product that you can easily life up to attach to any seat or chair, and there’s nothing to stop you from choosing to use the pillow in a number of other ways as well for example, you can position it under yourself or you can put it on your back area as well. Talking about the exterior, the product design is in all black and with red, which makes it quite appealing visually.

The VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow is a comparatively small pillow that fits snugly on any seat or chair can also be operated by any average user which means that it can be used effectively and conveniently. The massager has been designed keeping the shiatsu style of muscle therapy in mind and comes with 4 ‘ deep-kneading’ spinning points that have an optional heating option as well which offers extra muscle relaxation. The mixture of heat and delicate muscle relaxation should be sufficient to sort out even the most rigid stiff muscles.

This pillow design’s major advantage is how small and compact it is and thus can be quickly it can be tossed into a bag or attached to seats of any kind. Of course the ease of the smart remote control that it comes with is also a great add on feature which makes the product even easier to use. Both the careful motion of the nodes and additional heat option is a blend that many people find exceptionally efficient and helpful along with the possibility to adjust the heat settings, direction of the nodes and the subsequent amount of force on the skin are added pros.

Since it is our promise to remain impartial and provide our users with a wholesome review, we have to mention one inherent flaw in this device and that is the fact that it can only be charged via a wire. The Viktor Jurgen Neck Massage Pillow is a corded device and this means that it will always require an outlet for it to be used. This does limit your mobility in some sense but really is a bummer since we expect all modern devices to offer that freedom to the user. Another cautionary detail is that in this device, the nodes are, a tad bit smaller in comparison to some bigger massager counterparts, however since some users prefer it that way, it is always vital to know this before you actually make a purchase.

Talking about the nodes in more detail, they are specialized 3D rotating relaxation points which are placed to relieve painful and tense muscles. The soothing and optional heating function is great for providing relief to sore and tense muscles and is easy to operate.

This device has kept up with the times as they realize how important being Eco-friendly is to most users nowadays. This is why the product is manufactured with environmentally friendly and safe materials. As mentioned earlier, this element means it is free of BPA, toxins and all harmful materials which may affect your skin as well. There is also an anti-friction setting which prevents the skin from heating up from prolonged usage. Even the maintenance is a breeze as the cloth can be removed for a safe wash. The VIKTOR JURGEN Massage Pillow is designed in a way that perfectly aligns with all your bodily angles and crevices such as on your upper and lower back, your shoulders, legs and especially your neck.

This device also comes with a free car and AC adapter which is great because this allows you to attach it to your car seat while you drive. In most other devices, this is usually expected to be bought separately so this is a great addition. In terms of a quality assurance, this device is FDA approved so you won’t have to worry about giving it as a gift to your loved ones. It is especially great for the elderly as the remote control allows them to experience the most comfortable massage experience without ever having to move.

Pros & Cons

  • FDA approved
  • 3D rotating nodes
  • Anti-friction settings
  • 4 options
  • Needs and adapter to charge
  • Smaller nodes

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