Vibratex Original Magic Wand
  • February 19, 2022
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It is a fact that nowadays people are putting work before their own self-care and wellbeing which means that majority of the built up stresses of each day life are situated within the back region and this is exceptionally dangerous as our backs are the area that supports us. Many people think exercise will help them or even some alternative forms of treatment such as massage therapy or acupuncture. If you are looking for a good back massager, finding the one that’s the most effective one to focus on your specific sort of pain is not the easiest task for the inexperienced user. However medical practitioners and most research leads to this inconclusive fact that back massages help improve circulation and may even alleviate rigid muscles and tissues. While that is fairly easy to comprehend, the issue that arises is that since there are so many different types of massagers for the rear area including upper, lower, and full back services.

Vibratex Original Magic Wand

So for someone who has never purchased such a device before it can be confusing to choose the correct one for their needs especially with so many options in the market today and there are even products which are specialized to provide only a certain kind of treatment, so there might be options for warmth settings, the intensity of vibrations which a user can set and even more versatile products. So there are definitely loads of products out there within the market today and these choices are a blessing but are often intimidating because these can be quite pricey and you do not want to make a wrong choice. Today, we are going to provide you with an in depth and comprehensive review of the Hitachi Vibratex Magic Wand which is a new and improved version from the company. This device is a cool hand held neck and back massager and is so good at what it does, which we will get to in a while.

Vibratex Original Magic Wand

Vibratex Original Magic Wand

But first, the real question is whether or not you familiar with what area on your body need that soothing massage and care? This is a question whose answer will save you a lot of money especially if you identify it super early on.

This is partially because areas like the back or the neck can be one of those regions where most people would definitely prefer to seek consultation from a chiropractor or certified individual especially if it is a chronic condition.  This is also something we completely because it is kind of dangerous to deal with issues of the spine or neck on your own. However since these sessions are so expensive and lots of people haven’t got the time or resources to consult a therapist regularly, this handheld massager can actually be the most effective thanks to speed up the therapy process. Once you’ve got taken your practitioner’s advice on the matter, it’s time to figure out what kind of device is best for you.

Buying an inexpensive handheld massager which will serve identical purpose as an expert can solve this problem. Such devices are designed to help in alleviating pain from everywhere the body but the one we are talking about today has been engineered to require care of your back region in the best way possible. This pain relief is achieved by the hand-held device through the applying of mild and soothing pressure to tense and knotted muscles.
One of the best things about this device is that the undeniable fact that it is super lightweight, which makes long shiatsu sessions easy to handle. You do not want to put any kind of strain on your hands or your wrists from prolonged usage so this is a good feature. In all honesty, this may not sound like an especially great feature for people just looking for a soothing massage but for those individuals with limited or no movement in their limbs; it are often a nightmare to even be able to reach your back so this can be an excellent feature. The Vibratex Magic Wand is also sufficiently small you’ll be able to travel easily with it. This means it is great to take along on your vacations or even gift to your older relatives who will also be able to handle it. While the Vibratex Magic Wand is actually cheaper than many other products, this does not mean that the manufacturer reduces the quality especially when it involves its build and style.

One of the absolute best things about this product has to be the fact that it runs with up to either 6000 or 5000 vibrations per minute which is amazing considering it can get in real deep into your muscles and tissue. The option of a high and low setting is good as depending on situation, a user may decide to go for a smoother massage at times. This means it is a very specialized shiatsu massage providing massager as it will definitely provide you with an almost real and professional massage experience. Luckily for our readers it also comes with a free straight attachment in this packaging which is great to reach in even deeper.

This device isn’t only good for your back or your neck but since it is a hand held device it can virtually be sued over any part of your body including your thighs, calves, legs and even your arms. Its versatility and ease of operation make it a very valuable device to invest in. It is also compatible with 110 and 120 volts at any electrical outlet and it is compatible with all adapters made in the USA.

Pros & Cons

  • Very powerful device
  • Low and high settings
  • Versatile for all body
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Not as many exciting new features

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