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Today we are discussing about trushiatsu pro foot massager, If you are a housewife or a person who used to work mostly by standing all the time then you must have been facing issues of sore feet, tight muscles and pain in feet. If this is the case with you do not worry, we are here to give you the best solution of your problem, and this solution is true Shiatsu PRO Foot Massager. This device is an electric massager and it has a rechargeable battery. This battery has a long life and fast charging ability, so will not have to wait much for it to get fully charged.

TruShiatsu PRO Foot Massager

This massager is user-friendly and anyone can operate it with great ease. All the buttons are present in the front of the machine, just press the buttons to operate and enjoy a perfect massage.

Here for you we have incorporated rollers and air compression bags to massage your feet, with it you will feel like heaven and out of the world. These rollers will ensure that all your pressure points will be pressed and the soreness in your muscles would be relieved. It will also promote blood circulation in the feet. Here are air compression bags too which are eight. They will also take part in massaging with rollers to massage your feet professionally. With a machine you will feel so calm and relaxed and all the tightening of the muscles will be gone.

Here is also a feature that you will love and this is heat function. This heat function will make sure that you are getting relaxed. It operates due to infrared radiation which warms up the bags of the machine for feet. Warmth will guide the rollers to reach the hard reaching tissue. This function will ensure deep massage of your feet for more comfort.

TruShiatsu PRO Foot Massager

One more thing this smart device has and that is customizable settings which means you can set it according to your need. Here is optional heat function means you can switch on and off the hear features whenever you want. Then the massage intensity is of 3 levels; mild, normal and high. You can choose it according to the requirement. Then there are 3 timer settings present. You can set the time as you want and like, after that time it will automatically off.TruShiatsu PRO Foot Massager

The design it has is compatible with foot structure. This compatibility ensures more comfort. With this you do not need to go to the spa or anywhere else, you can have a professional massage right at your home at your comfy chair by reading a magazine or watching TV. You will enjoy its working because it does not produce any sound while working so no buzz, buzz or any other sound will irritate you.

For your relaxation this device is a great thing to purchase moreover it will make sure your money will not go waste. It will be a great value for your money. So why are you waiting or thinking? Order it now.


  • Provides great quality of massage
  • Eight compression air bags for massage.
  • Massaging rollers are present to massage your feet for a relieving sensation.
  • Heat function is present for more soothing and warming experience.
  • Ergonomically designed by keeping in mind the needs and structure of your feet.
  • Setting can be customized according to the need.
  • No cells but rechargeable devices.


  • Air compression bags ensure a perfect massage.
  • Massaging rollers will ensure specific points pressed while massaging.
  • Heat function is there to deeply massage the tensed muscle.
  • Heat function is optional. You can use it when you need it.
  • Rechargeable battery, no spending of money on cells all the time.
  • Design is compatible with the foot structure.
  • Massaging function can be set in 3 different settings.
  • It will work on specific acupressure points of your feet to make you feel like someone is really giving you a massage.
  • 3 different timers can be set for massaging.
  • Will give you a Spa like experience at home.Pros
    • Real relief.
    • User friendly.
    • No health issues.
    • Power efficient.
    • Mute device


    • None




After all the tiring day at work if you do not fetch enough time to relax properly and can not do any favor for your body then you should purchase this machine. This will relax you more than anything else. It will make you fresh after the whole day of work. It will keep you going for the next day. It is designed to target the specific points at the feet, to relieve the paint and break the lactic acid that has accumulated in your feet. If you use it you will feel like it is a blessing. It only relieves the pain but also improves blood circulation in it. It will provide you with health benefits. It is ergonomically designed to keep your feet relaxed in it. Then the heat function is also here which is optional. You can warm your feet if you want a more effective massage. While operating it remains silent, and ensures a calm surrounding. It is equally best for house wives who use to work mostly by standing and walking, then it is a good thing to purchase for old ones who have old muscles and need massaging. You can purchase it for yourself or for any of your family members. You can give it to your friend on his birthday or at any other occasion of felicity, they will love this machine moreover by doing so you are going to do them a favor. This is a great product to spend money on. And it will value your money in the best way it can. It has all the features that are specially designed by keeping in mind all your needs. So without second thoughts just go for it. Buy one for yourself or for someone you want it to gift.


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