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Snailax shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

You might have heard of a lot of products out there are are effective at providing users with an at home full body massage experience which usually you have to make an appointment for. Now, although there is nothing wrong with going to a professional massuse or a therapist to help alleviate some of that pain, it is very true that these sessions are very time consuming and can cost you a lot of hard earned cash. The thing with going to a professional is that it takes more than one session to get it done with and this is not very lucrative for anyone on a budget. However for people who need the extra care, especially those users who have chronic pains and illnesses, there has got to be some viable alternative!Snailax shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Here’s where the idea of a massage cushion comes in.  Massage cushions have the greatest advantage of improving the circulation of blood in your system which actually makes sure that there is no pressure or pain left in one area for too long. Especially for patients who are unable to move around for long periods of time, a serious condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) can occur. This is a clot that develops inside your leg and can get from bad to worse in no time. Massage cushions can actually help improve the circulation of blood within your legs among other areas to avoid clot formation which can be potentially dangerous.

The reason why we recommend cushion massagers for conditions or instances such as this is because they often employ specialized nodes or rollers to mimic a traditional shiatsu massage which you can usually only get by booking an appointment and for a lot of money. These look like balls that spin in a circular motion and target your problem areas like pros. Interestingly, some of the pillow massagers roll up and down to feel more like a Swedish-style massage as well, so no matter what you opt for, you know you are getting a full on massage experience.

The most important thing to remember when considering which kind of device to invest in is that they should be good at targeting three main issues which occur in most people. the first one being the successful alleviation of discomfort that sore or aching muscles can bring, the second one is to increase the blood flow or circulation around the problem areas and of course the last one is to ensure that the users stress is reduced.

With this discussion out of the way we can finally start discussing our product for the day which is the Snailax. If you are in the market looking for the best heat fitted neck massager which also targets other areas, then you do not need to look any further than this. The brand actually specializes in all sorts of health and personal care products and the massagers are simply one part of that equation. However it is also what the brand is best known for and once we dig into the features you will know exactly why that is. Based on your needs and budget, you can select the right one. Since this company has so many offers and products to choose from you can essentially select a product that speaks the most to your needs and wants instead of just buying a general one. This increases the specialized kind of treatment that you will get. The brand’s commitment to quality is their best offering and with their products you can also expect great durability.

Snailax asks you to never settle for painful and hard massage points when you get the chance to be able to experience the amazing feeling that gel based nodes can offer. The innovative, gentle nodes in the Snailax Gel massager were designed to feel like a masseuse’s palms so that you can receive that professional experience within the comfort of your home and that to at a great price.
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Since this seat pretty much covers your entire upper and lower body circumference you can be sure that you will be able to get a fully body massaging experience and that too with the sheer comfort of gel based nodes. This device also offers an adjustable mechanism for the intensity levels which are essentially what provide the comfortable massage that will target your body parts but the hips and thighs in general.

This device actually offers three unique options for massage zones including the whole back, the lower back and of course the upper back as well. The unique spot massage feature allows you to focus the entire function of the kneading nodes on unique pinpoint relaxation regions. This is actually a life saver for those individuals who just cannot understand where the pain is coming from. The optional heat feature of the Shiatsu nodes add a certain soothing warmth to alleviate muscle pain

Another feature that we absolutely love about this device is the fact that it takes into consideration your stature as an individual. Most short people can easily fit in to any massaging equipment as they can be easily accommodated on them. However for taller users, the problem is always with not fitting within the massager’s capabilities and thus receiving quite an unsatisfactory experience. This is of course fixed by the Snailax gel massager’s unique height adjustment feature which basically allows the user to set the adjustment settings as per their height preference.

That’s not all though as the Snailax gel massager chair pad has been applauded for its serious intensity even though the pads are made of a gel material. This doesn’t hinder the kind of targeted intensity that this product offers. The nodes work by moving along the upper and lower regions of your back and legs and thus are able to target almost the entire body. The intensity of the massage can actually also be set using the detachable flap that the gel massager comes equipped with. This allows you to choose between a more intense or far gentler massage options.


  • Specialized Gel
  • Height Adjustment Feature
  • Full Body Massage
  • Detachable Adjustment Flap


  • It might be a bit on the expensive side


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