RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager
  • February 7, 2022
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Sometimes all you want to do is kick back and relax on the weekends and for a lot of people, this is in the form of a spa retreat or a session at their therapist, but this is not a reality for most of us. Although there’s nothing really wrong with going to a professional masseuse or spa retreat to get some well deserved pampering or to help alleviate any of the pain you’re feeling, it’s really likely that such visits are as hard on the pocket as they are on your busy schedules.

RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Review

Another of the main problems with heading on to a professional is that you’ll definitely have to go visit their establishment more than once to have any treatment done and it’s potentially quite costly to maintain repeated sessions especially for anyone on a budget in the longer term. There must, however, be some effective option for people needing that extra care but at half the price.

A serious problem area in this category is usually the foot and this is where you should direct all your treatments as foot massages increase the circulation of blood in your feet and encourages the movement of toxins away from your blood and lymph systems. The idea is that the very nature of a foot massage sends soothing signals to the rest of your body. It is now common knowledge that by massaging your feet, you can also target the rest of the body. Reflexology therapy is actually the best method of fixing any imbalances in your body by stimulating particular areas of your feet.

RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Review

That is not the only benefit of a foot massage because after a long and tiring day, is an excellent way to unwind and relax. Foot massages can also help treat ailments such as anxiety, fatigue, and stress as an added bonus.RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager

The product we are going to be talking about today is called the RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager and it comes with a cool foot reflexology diagram which actually shows the exact positions of the main acupressure points on the sole of our feet and their connection to organs. All kinds of massage therapy and foot reflexology help in improving movement of blood around the body.

Massaging your feet with the Renpho foot massager is the best way to help ensure sure the blood flows through your body quickly and reaches all the places that need it as this promotes healing. Your feet will be the first part that gets tired so they get sore if your schedule is really tight.  Some sure fire signs that you need a specialized device like this one is if your feet are swelled up, sweaty or are sore. ⠀

In this sleek device, you have the option to control each aspect of your experience. From the volume to the air pressure levels to the heat feature, everything can be adjusted so that you can get the deep and soothing foot massage that you have been longing for. The foot massager is simple and user friendly in nature, especially since it comes with an integrated display screen which allows you to easily control it.

Get ready to have the best at home massaging experience of your life with this device. Equipped with rotary ball rolling stick, heating and compression, RENPHO foot massager provides a deep kneading Deep tissue Shiatsu foot massage. It achieves this by alleviating foot pain from the plantar fasciitis area, minimize physical exhaustion and increase blood circulation around the area by reflexing the foot muscle and ultimately relieve insomnia.

What most reviewers love about this product is the amount of customization and the subsequent amount of control that it provides over your massage experience? Most reviews spoke of the benefits of how easy it was to operate this device especially in terms of the buttons and the convenience of it being so easy to use in the comfort of your home. This device also offers an option for adjustable massage intensity where you can adjust the intensity of your massage to your personal preference, allowing you to experience a very customized and unique massage each time.

The Renpho foot massager is designed for maximum support in an ergonomic manner. This massager offers a soft kneading Shiatsu massage, a hot massage with air-pressure. It can improve blood flow, alleviate chronic foot pain from plantar fasciitis, and help with numbness in the neuropathic foot. Ergonomic design is actually one of the best ways to ensure that your experience with any product goes smooth and this device provides a thorough and relaxing massage. It is possible to adjust 3 pressure levels and 3 kneading intensities to the user’s personal preferences. The heated feature can also be separately regulated.

A serious issue with a lot foot massagers and related products is that they usually do not accommodate some larger feet sizes but this is not an issue with the Renpho feet massager though as it has room for all feet up to a size 12, so if you have been disappointed before, this massager is the perfect one for you.

That is not all though as there are some additional features as well including the option to adjust the air compression intensity and optional heat and the customized chance to personalize your own massage settings. Another problem with most electronics is that you have to keep them sanitized but this can be hard, although this one can be cleaned with a damp cloth easily.

There is also a setting where the device will shut of automatically after a period of inactivity for either 15 or 30 minutes depending on how you choose to set it. This is actually a great way to preserve power.

Since the covering can also be removed with ease as it is a zippered cover, this means this device is simple and always hygienic to use. Operating the display panel is also super easy.

Pros & Cons

  • Washable
  • Lots of customized features
  • Up to a size 12
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • None really

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