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Why a percussion massager?

Now, before we get started with the specifications of what exactly this device can do for you, let’s dig into the concept behind a percussion massager. A percussion based massager is typically a small hand held device which is able to apply intense pressure pulses deep into your muscle tissue. Now, how this helps is that it provides a really deep and concentrated pulse of heat energy and vibrations to your problem areas. This method of deep-tissue massage will also effectively work out muscle knots and stress induced pains and aches while simultaneously enhancing blood flow and rapidly increasing motion range. Used in the correct manner, a percussion massager is super effective at reducing your recovery time while alleviating some of the discomfort, stress and soreness that comes with intense work outs or any increased physical activity.PADO PUREWAVE CM-05 Percussion Massager

Since it is important to understand exactly how the PADO Pure wave CM 07 works, it is necessary to figure out what it can do for you using its cool percussion wave technology. The fast pulsations provided by this percussion massager can relax the accumulation of rigidity in the muscle tissue, and by targeting the tissue around the problem area; you can target extremely sore muscles thus relieving your pain. The subsequent loosening and relaxation of the surrounding tissue can gradually provide the most calming and healing effect on the sore, over stressed muscle region Now, the most interesting thing is that many professionals and therapy practitioners actually incorporate devices such as the PADO Pure Wave CM into their massage therapy sessions for their patients in order to help them relieve some of the pain and even alleviate the discomfort.

Now, let’s talk features!

The PADO Pure Wave CM-07 is actually an update from the brand on one of their oldest models which was the Pure Wave CM 05 model. This is their latest innovation on the original and has some pretty cool features!

In terms of the design aesthetics that this particular device provides, the Pure Wave CM-05 offers their users 2 distinct colour options which are of course everyone’s favourite monotone ones; black and white. Of course you can never go wrong with these two classic colours and these also ensure that your device looks elegant and sleek no matter where you place it in your home. Talking about the device itself, it is an advanced self-massaging tool which has been designed to help you alleviate some of that soreness and chronic pain that is all too familiar for anyone who suffers from muscle pain and chronic diseases, which it achieves by specifically targeting trigger points.

If as an inexperienced user, you are confused about what constitutes a trigger point, do not worry as we are here to explain it to you. Usually right alongside bones, the trigger points are minor muscle regions that are often paired alongside the bigger muscle areas. Now, you might be thinking that the bigger muscles should be the area of focus but it is this tiny area which can make the biggest difference. When the smaller muscles are left to do a lot of the heavy lifting along with the larger ones, it tends to put a lot of strain on all these tinier muscles which are crucial parts of the entire muscle region especially since these muscles are super important for the proper balancing out of the entire muscle group. When caution is not observed, these smaller muscles get bunched up together and knotted and may even cause a very painful response. This results in far bigger problems as the trigger points will increase in intensity and amount especially around the sides of your shoulders, shoulder blades and spine.

Percussion massagers are portable and hand held electronic devices that are designed to loosen up trigger points by applying constant and intense pressure to smaller and more pin pointed areas. A good percussion massager such as the CM 05 is adaptable and super user-friendly to ensure that the user can theoretically massage practically any region of their bodies which is under some sort of pain or discomfort.
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Now, one of the best things about this specific massage tool is that it actually comes with 3 unique massaging tips which can be interchanged depending on what the user wants that particular day. These attachments are also what make this product a popular one among massage therapists and professionals as it offers a unique versatility and convenience which is necessary in their line of work. This 3 in 1 actually offer 3 really cool kinds of massages as well which includes a Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage and of course the most impressive; an acupressure one! All that in one product? Sign us up!

The 3 distinct attachments are also meant for targeted treatments and the first is great for localized pressure release on any trigger point. This is called the point stick and it is the sleekest one out of them all as it is meant for a specific area at a time. Next, there is the air cushion stick which is meant to go deep into the bone and tissues. It is excellent way to target the spine, the shoulders, your knees and your feet as these areas have the most vulnerable bones. Last but definitely not the least; we have the 6 head stick which is the one for acupressure techniques and targets far larger muscles at a time so that they can find some relief as well. All three of these attachments are excellent in their own unique way but the best thing they do is increase the circulation of blood around the body.


  • 3 in 1 massager
  • 3 massage modes
  • Targets target areas
  • Full body massager


  • A bit on the expensive side

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