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Original Magic Wand Rechargeable pint point massager review

Who doesn’t want a super relaxing massage at any time of the day? Wouldn’t it be great if you could do something about that never ending pain at the back of your neck which is super hard to reach as is? Or even relax after a super tiring day at the office? Well, for most people, this means getting an appointment from a professional massager or a therapist which is sadly not a reality for many. The main reason behind this is that these sessions with your local professional can be super expensive and also super time consuming. While it is true that only a professional and truly handle some target areas, getting the massage you deserve is not that hard in today’s day and age.Original Magic Wand Rechargeable pint point massager

That is all thanks to devices such as the magic wand which allows users to indulge in a wonderful therapy session within the comfort of your home! Now, one of the main reasons people buy a massager is because it makes it super convenient. Whether you are at home, on holiday or even winding down after an intense workout, a hand held massager instantly becomes your best friend! This is especially true for older individuals who suffer from diseases like arthritis or back aches. Of course for individuals who have serious issues, therapy is the right way to move forward, however after consulting with your doctor or therapist, you may find out that complimenting your therapy with a massager can be an excellent way to alleviate your pain.
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Now, the product which we are discussing in detail today is called the Rechargeable Magic Wand and it is definitely an awesome shift from normal mechanical massagers to something far more advanced. One of the first things that set this device apart from its competition is the fact that it is completely cordless! This means that you can essentially take the device with you no matter where you want to go. Going cordless is definitely the future as this means whether you travel, go to the gym or even want to use it in your house from the comfort of your bed, it is a possibility.  However, there is much more coming up, so stay tuned!

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is an actually a new entry from the manufacturers who wanted to re-envision the classic product of theirs with one that was actually rechargeable and convenient.  Other than that it is exactly the same as any previous product that you might expect from this brand.

Now, moving on to the specifications, the Magic Wand provides you with four intensity levels, along with four distinct vibration patterns, which are quickly selected using the simple buttons. I mean it doesn’t get easier than this, now does it? The simplicity of the user interface on this device is actually what ensures that this device is perfect for people of all ages, even if they are not too up to date with latest technological advancements.

The four intensity levels range from a very low and calming setting which is perfect to just kick back and relax at and also has a far more specialized higher setting which can allow the device to target and pin point specific regions of your problem areas that are bringing you pain.  The best part is that this device also allows you as the user to figure out and experiment what you want so you can ensure that your experience is the most fulfilling. When you will use the Rechargeable Magic Wand once, you will get hooked as not only is it super easy to sue, it is also a convenient way of  allowing yourself to unwind or combat aches and pains which you would otherwise have to consult a professional about.

Of course this device is cordless, so you have the ultimate freedom to use it as you please, but that does not mean that the fun stops there as it can even be used while it is plugged in. this actually makes charging and using simultaneously so easy! This powerful combination of features is partially why you find so many raving reviews regarding this product online as the Rechargeable Magic Wand is a truly versatile device.

What is interesting about this specific product is that it also allows a lot of different attachments to be used with it. Now these attachments may come from different companies and brands but the sheer versatility of the Magic Wand ensures that any accessory or attachment fits it with such finesse and ease. Most of these accessories are supposed to fit on the vibrating head of the massager and are usually to make the device’s targeting capabilities better. The company does however warn users of the implications of using an attachment that may not come from the parent company as these may cause more harm than benefit. Many are made counterfeit materials and thus are not reliable; however, the company encourages their use as they work great alongside the Magic Wand.

This device also comes with a free bonus attachment which is even better for those individuals with pain in specific regions such as the neck, back and harder to reach areas such as the glutes. The free IntiMD Active personal trigger pin point massager is premium add on to the Magic Wand that will make the entire experience even better.


  • Free IntiMD Trigger Massager
  • Cordless and portable
  • Rechargeable
  • 4 intensity settings


  • Caution needed when buying third company attachments


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