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Guys! If you are suffering from muscle soreness and pain and thinking to purchase something for this issue then here is OPOVE M3 pro massage gun, which is a massaging device that will work on your sore and tense muscles to relief you. This device will improve the blood flow and help breaking the lactic acid accumulated in the muscles due to heavy exercises. If you are a person who use to do heavy exercises, a sports person involved in physical exercises, or an office going person who have sedentary mode of life and usually experiences pains around neck and shoulders and stiffening of muscles, we are here to present the cure of this issue and this device will be the best thing to purchase. It will work on different areas to relax your body and improve blood circulation. This machine comes with different forms of massaging heads for specific points of the body. These heads are specified to massage the specific points of the body, now you do not have to feel the pain for so long just use it to deeply massage your body.

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

The device operates on 3 different speeds which are warm up, muscle relaxation and deep massage, these levels come with different speeds which are level 1 has 1800/min, level 2 has 2400/min and level 3 3200/min speed, you can adjust its speed according to the need of your body parts. The plus point in this device is that it will automatically turn off when the 10 mins are done, it is designed to save your muscles from any injury. When it works it produces very little sound that will not irritate you and anyone else around you with its noise. Its body is made up of nylon 66 and glass fiber which make it very sturdy in nature. It is resistant to breakage and will stay with you for a longer period of time. So you do not have to spend money on such devices again.

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

This has removable battery which offers long battery timings which are 3 hours which means you do not have to look for a port all the time. It is designed in a way to provide you a high quality of results and the results are accurate due to the structure. It contains high-torque motor for accurate massaging. It is made to work on various parts of body which are chest, thighs, neck, Achilles, arms and forearms etc.OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

It comes with a carrying case that will enable you to take it with you anywhere you go, moreover the light weight will also help you in its transportation, and you can take it to the gym your gym, workplace or any other city where you will go.

Purchasing this will be the best way of spending your money. You should have it with you if you are an athletes, or a bodybuilder or whatever is your profession it will definitely go in your favor because of its efficiency and versatility. So hurry and purchase it, because wasting more time will not do anything better. This is the best thing to use for muscle stiffening.


  • Provides 3 adjustable speeds so you can massage your body according to the need.
  • Four different massager heads for different points of the body.
  • 180 minute is working time.
  • Battery is removable.
  • Body is made up of 66 nylon and glass fiber.
  • 12mm is the length of stroke. To target accurate part of body.
  • Comes with a carrying case.
  • 3 hours of battery life, so you can use it for long time without the need of recharging again and again.
  • High speed brushless motor, this motor will provide accurate massaging.
  • Working noise is 35db – 55db.
  • To avoid injury, it will automatically turn off to avoid any injury.


  • It produces a very little sound.
  • Light in weight. 2.2 pounds.
  • Smaller in size.
  • Breakthrough technology; drop resistant.
  • Made to effectively work on sore muscles.
  • Long battery life.
  • Very versatile in it working.
  • Works in 3 levels; warm up, muscle relaxation and deep massage.
  • Efficient and powerful motor.
  • Protective use.Pros
    • Silent working.
    • Easy to carry.
    • Light weight body.
    • Durable body.
    • Versatile use.


    • None


This massager is an efficient machine it will stay with you for a long time due to the durability of its body it help you to fresh your body, you will feel relaxed after using it. Your body will enjoys its massage. Lightweight and easy carrying will make you keep it with you wherever you go. You can purchase it for you or for your relatives or family members, you can gift this massager to your friends on any occasion and they will love it. After a hard day at the office your back must be aching and your shoulder must be strained this massager will make sure that you will get rid of this pain. But do not use it at one point more than 1 minute otherwise it will be damaging. It has long battery timing and versatile mode of working. Different heads will aid you to treat different parts of the body differently. The operation of this machine will produce a very little sound which is 35db -55db. But you should not use it as expert in treating the muscle issues it is only made for massaging your muscles in three different ways which are warm up, muscle relaxation and deep massage. It will promote blood circulation at the site of massage and break the lactic acids that has been accumulated in your muscles due to heavy exercises. You should not think any more about it instead order it now to do a favor for your body or for your relatives, friends and family.

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