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MaxKare Shiatsu Massager

The MaxKare Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder and Back Massager comes with electric rollers. It is a super powerful way to heal the body based on ancient body care and wellness techniques under the Japanese Shiatsu category.MaxKare Shiatsu Massager

Shiatsu rollers have been a part of the massage community every since massage was invented. A great way to incorporate these rollers into your everyday health and wellness routine is through an electric massager that has Shiatsu rollers.

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The MaxKare Shiatsu Neck and Back roller come with a heat function. It has a deep kneading possibility. This helps in penetrating into the tissue of the person using it. The massage then helps in deeply working on the hidden pain and aids in pain relief. This is a great way to stay relaxed on the go and while away from home.

The MaxKare Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder and Back Massager is great for being carried to another place. It is also great to use as a daily massager and roller. You can use this for muscle and pain relief as well. The massager is ideal for car usage, It can be used without a flinch at the office as well. Usually, people use it at home when they are the most tired and want to sleep with a deeper relaxation.


There are no limits to the usage of the MaxKare Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder and Back Massager. This can be used by a child of any age, it can be used by a person of any size and weight. This is a very inclusive massager meant for physical wellness.

A good massage helps in promoting blood flow. It contributes to the muscle health through stimulating the region and calls for a supply of some fresh blood from the heart carrying very fresh nutrients into it. This is why it is very essential to get into a good massage every now and then. You can not alleviation mood and attitude immediately. This is because deep kneading massage stimulates the tissue and skin underneath.

There is a great deal of stress hiding in the muscles and this is why muscles feel sore or overworked. To relieve the pain felt from this a good massage can be quite helpful. The massage that comes with heat id even better such as in the case of the MaxKare Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder and Back Massager.


The best thing about the MaxKare Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder and Back Massager for you will be the fact that you can pull it out at any time you like. This means that you will be able to use it for however long you like and whenever you want it. This is the beauty of a personal massager you do not need to rely on the heavy costs of the massage therapy and you are not time-bound.

Using the MaxKare Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder and Back Massager for 15 minutes each day can cause a significant change in the kind of muscle health and wellness state you live in. This is going to simulate a hand kneading massage. MaxKare Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder and Back Massager has about 8 Bi-directional rotation knots. These nodes work in opposite motions for maximum comfort.

MaxKare Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder and Back Massager comes with an optional and highly effective heating therapy modes. These plus the 3 adjustable intensity levels help in creating the perfect ambiance and mood for your therapy session. The MaxKare Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder and Back Massager allows customized relaxation of the entire body. You can use it anywhere on the body that you may find the need to.

The massager will come with an AC and DC adapter. Both of these can help you use it anywhere you want to include on the go and at a fixed place as well next to a wall socket.

The adapters are in the package, so you do not need to buy them separately.

This one has been created by keeping Skincare in mind. The material is a gentle material. It has been created out of a Premium breathable mesh plus a PU leather. This combination helps in dispersing heat around smoothly. Plus it is very comfortable to sit on too.

The massager comes with overheating protection and the auto shut-off function that allows you to use it with safety. This is a UL and FDA approved option. It comes with proper safety and quality assurance. You will not need to worry about it blasting open or something like that.


The massager allows optimal heat penetration. It seeps deep into the skin and allows a lot more softness than other massagers despite being a very intense option. It has a cushion massage intensity. You can customize the experience as you like. The massager offers flexible and adjustable movements of the massage nodes. This can be used while sitting and standing, unlike some other massagers.

The massager has a luxury Deluxe PU leather cover. This is soft to touch and also easy to clean. You can simply wipe it, and allow greatly elevating comforting massage. The massager has an automatic 15-minute intelligent timing that will shut it off automatically when need be. You can also keep it on if you like. You are the boss of it after all. This bell or notification will, however, remind you that the optimal time of the massage has elapsed. You can then save energy and turn it off if you like.

This is a great tool that can enhance your living experience. The massager has a relaxation, stress relief, anxiety reduction effect on the body.


  • It comes with 8 massage nodes
  • You can control the rotation and intensity of the massage
  • This is travel-friendly and can be taken anywhere else as well
  • There is a heating and deep kneading function for the most comfort and fast relaxation


  • The automatic timer is there for safety too, what you do with the massager after the beep can be on your own accord


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