Hethtec Massage Gun Review
  • January 6, 2022
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Here we will talk about massage gun, Hethtec. In our daily routine we have to perform a lot of physical work, we get tired day by day and we do not have enough time to do massages and to relax muscles. In the office we have a lot of workload and we tried to sit, the neck and back effect so badly and we don’t have enough time to relax the body parts. So here we launch a handheld device for muscle treatment, that is used to comfort our muscles. In our busy routine we need just 20 to 30 mints to relax our body. It is to relax tense muscles by supplying maximum comfort to your body parts. After using this massage gun you don’t need to use any other device for your pain relief. It is used to maintain your blood circulation, health issues. If you use it daily, it improves your health by pressing soft tissues. It is used to relieve muscles stiffness and soreness. It reduces lactic acid that is produced after exercise. Overall it improves soft tissues of all the body. If you want some of your friends or family members to relax his/her a gift or suggest them to purchase.

Massage Gun, Hethtec

It is the perfect device for athletes, fitness trainers or physical therapists for their patients.

Its speed is up to 20 levels, 1200 – 3300 beats per minute, according to your requirement. Such as level 1 has speed 1-4 (1200 BPR) is for mild massage, level 2 has speed 5-8 (1600 BPR) is for relax your muscles, level 3 speed 9-12 (1600-2100 BPR) is for decompose lactic acid, level 4 speed 13 – 16 (2100-2600 BPR) is for professional mode and level 5 speed 17-20 (2600-3300 BPR) is for deep massage. There is – and + button to decrease and increase the level. So you think if this crash due to such a high speed? No don’t worry about it, this massager has ultra-heat resistant function due to this massager don’t getting overheated and will not crash.

Hethtec Massage Gun Review

Massage Gun, Hethtec

This massager is user friendly, we can use it easily. There is a dual display screen (LED) on this device, one screen on the side of the gun, a speed level display on it and another at the end of the massage gun that shows the speed level, – and + buttons. The handle of this device is very comfortable, anti-drop and anti-slip by this massager will not downfall due to vibration.

In this device such types of high quality brushless motors use that reduce noise that can hardly hear so you can do it anywhere either at home or office. At maximum vibration speed the noise will create at up to 48 decibels.

It has 6 heads in different shapes that is used to help different muscles relaxation, i.e; large ball: used to relax large body parts, flat head: used for any part of the body, U shaped head: use for neck and spine, bullet head: used for joints, deep tissues and trigger points, rubber gas head: use for most muscles group and last but not least arc head: used for neck.

It has a great capacity battery, its timing is long lasting i.e 6-8 hours after per charge according to speed and it takes 2-3 hours for complete charging.

It is a handheld device that you can carry anywhere in a hand carry or bag. We provide a carrying case along this device, so you can easily carry it in hand.

How is it working? It comforts our body by applying pressure equally on all parts where we apply. We just need to do it, set the head according to the body part, set the speed from 1-20 by – or + button on the touch screen and apply it on the body part. On the screen you can see the speed level and remaining battery.

Our massage gun has versatile design, it has built-in pressure sensor technology visual feedback during massage.


  • Dual Display Screen
  • Anti-slip and anti-drop grip
  • This gun has 20 levels of speed
  • Brushless motor that reduce noise
  • 6-8 hours battery timing according to speed level
  • 6 replaceable massage heads that is use on different parts of body
  • This massager gun has pressure sensor technology that gives visual feedback
  • After 10mints of usage this device stops automatically, to avoid any damage to your tissues with continuous use


  • Massage Gun
  • Less noise feature
  • It is lightweight massage gun less than 1kg
  • Powerful motors that reduce heat
  • Handheld device small in size
  • A hand carry case along this gun
  • Adjustable speeds
  • More battery timing
  • Versatile use
  • Protective functioning

    Pros & Cons

    • Easy to use
    • Less in weight
    • Deep massage
    • Professional massage
    • User friendly
    • Do not produce much sound.
    • Don’t use on wound
    • After 30 mints of usage rest it for 5mints


This machine fits your needs for massage. You can use it at various parts of the body because of its different types of heads which means it will massage every part of your body specially. This will promote blood circulation and will dissolve lactic acid in the muscles resulting from heavy exercises. The body will feel relaxed and light after its professional massage. It is of a very small size and you can carry it with you wherever you go. You can take it to the office with you. Then if battery timing offers much convenience, long battery life ensures more use. Dual screens will let you observe the speed of vibration easily. 20 levels of speed is a great deal. Then the handle is anti-slip made up of rubber and for more friction rubber points are added, now no matter how wet is your hand you will not drop it. It is a great thing to spend money on to enjoy a calming, soothing experience right at home. But make sure you will not use it on wounds it might do worse with them. And do not use at a specific point more than 1 minute otherwise there can be issues. And after 30 mins it requires 5 min rest. Otherwise it is a great deal.

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