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Today we are going to discuss about InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Shoulder Neck Massager. As adults with strenuous lifestyles and workloads, it is not unlikely that we will experience a tinge of sharp and inexplicable pain in our shoulders or neck area no matter what our age or gender might be. In situations like this, we hold the opinion that a cushion massager is the best tool for the job because first of all, they’re way cheaper than having to book an appointment with your chiropractor or therapist. Besides the obvious fact that this process is super expensive, cushion massagers also make use of advanced nodes or rollers which imitate a standard shiatsu massage that you cannot normally get without scheduling a session or appointment with a professional.

InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Shoulder & Neck Massager

A crucial piece of information to hold onto when considering which type of device to use and buy is that they must definitely be good at targeting three main issues which most people can suffer from. The first one being to increase the blood flow or circulation around the problem areas, next, the successful alleviation of discomfort that sore or aching muscles can bring and also the final one is to make absolutely sure that the user’s overall stress level is reduced. There is no denying that a massage should be always be relaxing and invigorating for the user.

A lot of people are skeptical however when it comes to such devices, but when you look at the one we are discussing today you will definitely  reconsider that idea as there are loads of advantages to such massager which will make your life better. For starters, their main benefit is that they’re going to provide you with major alleviation of pain especially on the tensest areas like your shoulders, your neck and your back. The product we are about to delve into today, makes use of small balls which rotate around and make a circular movement which is more than enough adept to addressing your problem areas and making you feel like a pro is at work.

InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Shoulder & Neck Massager 

This InvoSpa massager gives you a flexible range of massage treatments to keep your muscles and nerves relaxed even after a tricky day. The massager comes as a U-shaped pad with handy arm straps that you can use to maneuver the pad up and down your back with. InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Shoulder & Neck Massager
Inside the pad are eight roller ball nodes to stimulate all kinds of muscle groups within, plus a heater which promotes better circulation. The roller balls move in 3D; not only do they rotate, but they also press into your back in alternating patterns to simulate a real shiatsu massage. Now, that is truly impressive!

This neck and back Massager includes a wall power adapter and a car charger, so you’ll be able to have an electrical massage in your home, office or car while you travel. This back massager also comes with a very durable carry bag, so you’ll be able to take it with you anywhere!

However we see some flaws with this product and one is that the massager might not be as powerful as you would like. So if you are on the lookout for a product that provides heavy duty heat features, keep looking! It’s not meant for serious or chronic pain relief, because the motors aren’t really strong enough. Talking about the same issue further, we have found with this massage tool is that it doesn’t provide users with strong enough heat or warmth capabilities which will speed up the healing process. If you’re searching for a product specifically for the infrared functions, in heat treatment, the InvoSpa is not the right kind of product for you. It only uses slight infrared heat which isn’t enough to warm you the way a conventional heater massager will.

However it isn’t all gloom and doom as what is super cool is how self-aware this device is as every minute, the roller balls will reverse direction to form an invigorating effect within the body and stop the nerves from being fatigued no matter what your schedule is like. Although the system automatically triggers this effect after a second, you’ll also be able to readjust any settings manually by pressing the second button on the controller. The manufacturers ensure users that this device is not harmful but do recommend that you switch it up every few minutes so no one place has more strain than necessary.

This device has still been equipped with slight amounts of Infrared Heat which works deep into your neck and shoulders so the massager can ease muscle tension stress and promote blood circulation. The InvoSpa massager uses infrared technology to provide heat and increase the advantages of the massage. Now some users are worried about the use of infrared heat but this device basically just uses heat as an aid to boost the healing process.

This shoulder massager comes with 4 Big nodes and 4 small nodes, which give deep tissue massages on your neck, upper back, thigh area, shoulders, lower back, waist, feet, calves, legs, feet and even your arms which makes this a super versatile device. This neck massager pad has 3 speed strength levels, which permit you to administer the correct and appropriate amount of pressure to alleviate your muscle pain. This device has been inbuilt a Bi-directional movement control to mimic the motion of a real massage experience. This 3D Shiatsu massager will auto-reverse each minute for better distribution of massage effects which is quite a new method.
Talking about this part a bit more, the alternating directions during a massage with this product can better stimulate the flow of blood and also the recovery of deep muscle tissue. The InvoSpa massager’s design has been built with this idea in mind.

In conclusion what sets this product apart from its competition is that while most massagers cannot possibly provide you with an authentic shiatsu experience the InvoSpa model can.


  • 3D roller balls
  • Pro shiatsu experience
  • 4 nodes
  • Adjustable settings


  • Not as strong or heated


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