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Let’s talk about Handheld Back Massager review. There is absolutely no doubt that most of the built up stresses of every day life are situated in the back region as this is literally what is supporting our entire body up straight. If you’re looking for an effective back massager, finding the one that is the best one to target your specific type of pain can be difficult. All the evidence points towards the simple fact that back massages improve circulation and help alleviate rigid muscles and tissues. Now, there are quite a few different styles of massagers for the back area including upper, lower, and full back services.

Handheld Back Massager review

The fun does not end there however, as the options keep on coming! For all those inexperienced users out there this can become quite confusing as there are various overwhelming options for heat settings, the type and intensity of vibrations which a user can set.  So there are definitely a lot of products out there in the market today and these choices are a blessing but can be a bit intimidating hen you get down to it. This is why we have jotted down a comprehensive review for all our readers today, on the Vivareal Handheld Massager which is essentially a back massager that will make your life super easy

The back area is one of those regions which most people prefer to go to a chiropractor or certified individual for and we understand why as it is quite dangerous to mess around with it. However since these sessions are so expensive and many people don’t have the time or resources to consult a physical therapist regularly, this hand held massager can actually be the best way to speed up the therapy process. Once you have taken your practitioner’s advice on the matter, it is time to invest in a good machine.

Handheld Back Massager review

Buying an affordable handheld massager that can serve the same purpose as a professional can solve this problem. Such devices are designed to assist in alleviating pain from all over the body but the one we are talking about today has been engineered to take care of your back region the most. This pain relief is achieved by the handheld device through the application of mild and soothing pressure to tense and knotted muscles.

One of the greatest things about this device is the fact that it is super lightweight, which makes long shiatsu sessions easy to handle. This might not sound like much but for an individual who has limited movement in their limbs; it can be a nightmare to reach back so this is a great feature. It is also small enough you can travel easily with it. While the Vivreal is cheaper than many other products, it does not come at the cost of bad quality especially when it comes to its build and design.

The Vivreal’s motor uses percussion to move the massage head up and down. It sends a wave of relief through the muscle, reaching deep into the tissue so that it speeds up the healing process. The device can produce a maximum of 3,200 rates per minute which is pretty expensive at its price point. It is still a little less than what you might get from a seasoned professional such as a chiropractor, but do not despair as it provides more than enough relief to reach deeper levels of myofascial release and can thus alleviate muscle tension in no time.

The Vivreal consists of sturdy parts which are excellent as they are quite durable. However, if comparing with other longer lasting devices, this might be a bit lacking. This is justified by the super affordable cost though. While there are far more durable massagers, the Vivareal should still grant you quite a bit of run time.

The system of this device can easily be customized with 6 different speed levels, and 6 preset modes which are quite impressive. This enables you to cover different areas of your body, and based on your pain and sensitivity you can select the right speed.

This device is super powerful and that is all due to its extremely powerful motor which gives off torque up to 3200 pulses per minute. The motor has also been designed keeping ergonomic and sustainability in mind so not only does it successfully ease pain, penetrate heat energy deep within your tissues and muscles by imitating vigorous kneading that pros use, it also preserves power. This percussion hand held back massager employs a pure copper motor to ensure that the user gets a longer service life and protection against overheating as it shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

The neck of the Vivreal is long, so you won’t have to reach around and obtain access to some areas like your lower back. It’s additionally fairly lightweight, coming up around just a few pounds. This may allow you to use the device with one hand even for longer periods of time and not get tired.

The Vivreal is completely rechargeable, with a battery that offers you around a hundred minutes of use per charge. This is not enough to compete with some of the more premium brands out there, however it’s still enough to last you multiple sessions. The device displays it current battery levels, thus you’ll be always aware of the amount of charging you have left.

One of the good options of the Vivreal is that the many interchangeable nodes which permit you to select out the right massage for specific body areas. While this is a primarily back area massager, it offers so many versatile options such as the belly node that has lightweight tips that lightly massage sensitive skin and tissue. The rear mode features a wide head that reaches deep into tissue to assist heal strained muscle while the foot mode features a fine tip that’s nice for targeting harder to reach areas. The Vivreal has a durable build quality, and every one of the buttons feel solid and responsive. It’s just about as sturdy as other high end massagers; however unlike some of the others it’s not flimsy or slippery. The Vivreal offers you years of massaging and if you are not satisfied for some reason, it is easier to replace as well.

  • Pros & Cons

    • Durable
    • Auto shut off
    • Rechargeable
    • Multi-function
    • Lightweight
    • Not as premium looking

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