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FIT KING Leg Air Massager review, The busy and overworked modern-day individual often seeks a super relaxing way to let loose once in a while and a massage seems like a great way to achieve bliss. However, this is usually a luxury that anyone on a budget or a generally busy person such as professionals or full time mothers can’t afford. It’s ironic because these are exactly the people who need this therapy! So, wouldn’t it be great if you could do something to alleviate such discomfort from developing at problem areas such as the back of your neck? Well, we might have just the solution for you.

FIT KING Leg Air Massager review

Most people would recommend making a trip to your medical practitioner or your therapist but when it involves getting an appointment from a licensed massage or therapist for most people, you end up needing to spend a lot of money and that unfortunately is just not an option for many. The main reason for this is that such facilities can be super expensive and also very expensive with your local therapist or practitioner.

Massagers with air compression leg attachments claim to provide blood and lymphatic circulation therapy and they usually look like a pair of physical recovery boots which completely wrap your feet. The benefits of these clever little devices are even recognized by the FDA which has cleared many devices, and their manufacturers claim it is beneficial for a lot of health issues in the leg area such as healing varicose veins, leg tension, leg cramps, knee pain and general limb tension.

FIT KING Leg Air Massager review

The reason these tools work so well is because they aim to improve the function of the lymphatic and blood systems all over the body and this function in turn allows the rejuvenation and growth of new cells and therefore positively improves the removal of toxins.FIT KING Leg Air Massager

Moreover, they promote the development and secretion of the natural amino acid proteins, endorphins and pain killer like substances inside your body that help provide some release of the pain that you might be experiencing. This is similar to the kind of treatment you would receive if you went to a professional. Today, we are going to be discussing one of our top picks in this category which is called the Fit King Leg Air Massager and it is a specialized leg massager which is quite different from the classic foot massagers. Usually you have quite a bulky device which you place your feet in and this limits your movement as the feet need to stay inside. However, the Fit King massager actually is like a pair of boots which allows you to move around a bit.

One of the best features in this device has to be the fact that it delivers the most relaxing air compression massage. The air compression leg massager, has been fitted with two state of the art airbags inside and it works by regulating an advanced flow of air pressure deep within your tissue to ensure that the treatment to seep deep within your feet and calf area. However, this device is a very versatile device as it is also a massager for leg compression which offers a smoother and all-round massage for your full legs, which can alleviate the soreness in your muscles, relieves lethargy and increases circulation of blood in the area.

Talking a bit more about the air compression feature in the FIT KING Leg Air Massager, it allows the easy massage of your feet and calves thanks to its 2 inbuilt air bags within. It has a dual function as you can activate the lower to upper foot and calf muscles to relieve tiredness and improve circulation. If you are not yet convinced by these features, many medical practitioners actually recommend the usage of these products at home and a lot of users claim that their leg related aches and chronic pain has been reduced dramatically thanks to the specially air compression technology of such massagers.

This device comes with 2 cool massage modes, a handheld controller and 3 swappable intensity settings which are powered by a DC12V/1A adapter which is included in the packaging and finally an insightful user guidebook which offers it’s instructions in 5 different languages for your ease. There is also a very cool and functional option which allows this product to automatically shut off after 20 minutes of inactivity. This is great for older users who might forget to shut it off and also preserves battery more easily.

A serious issue that most people have with most other kinds of foot massagers is that bigger sizes simply do not fit inside them but since this device is more like a very expandable pair of socks, the straps of the device can be easily modified to accommodate any size and length. The general directions given by the manufacturers are to use this massager for a period of 20-30 minutes daily. Since this device is not sturdy like a stationery one and can even be folded up like clothes, you can easily store them in any bag especially when you are going to travel.

Another excellent feature from this device is that it offers users an impressive 10 unique massage settings so you can get different treatments from one product. Along with 10 intensity settings, this massager offers 2 massaging techniques as well which that offer you the luxury of customizing your experience and also experimenting till you find the right kind of setting which suits your needs. It does not matter what age or gender you are, this versatile piece of equipment will fit all and is made for everyone. From patients with limited mobility who need to promote the circulation of blood to young athletes who need to soothe down their sore muscles.


  • Unique Design
  • Air compression technology
  • 2 air bags
  • 2 massage modes
  • 10 massage settings


  • A bit expensive


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