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Anyone can understand the issues of the busy and fast life of today’s world, everything is running around and we cannot take out the time from our life for us. The day starts and there is rush to finish the assigned task and when we get finished with it, it’s time to hit the hay. This routine imparts many issues with our muscles like stained neck muscles, pain in the shoulders, backaches, thigh muscle tightening etc. so please try Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager but we left with no time to do anything for this issue however such problems if remain neglected then they can become serious, so one needs a solution to deal with the problem. And here we are with the panacea, we have all the solutions to your problems in one machine. This machine is like a cushion made up of a durable material and soft to tough fabric. It will massage your body like a professional to make you forget all your pains and will make you super fresh without any pain, and stress.

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

We have designed it by keeping in mind all the needs of yours, it design is ergonomic to complement your body. It is a combination of various features like massaging rollers, heat function, air compression and vibrations.

Let’s start with the back of the seat. First of all the back has two sections one is smaller one which is for neck and it contains one set of nodes and massage the neck to relieve its pain, then the larger portion which is made for the back, it also has a set of nodes which can move and provide a professional massage to the back. The massage can be set to a specific point for pin point massage; massage on the specific point of the body. Then these nodes can also be set to move in a specific area for massaging which are lower back, upper back and full back, hence there are 3 adjustable settings.

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

These nodes are made to give you 2D and 3D finger pressure massage by moving upwards and downwards, with this feature you will feel like someone really skillful is massaging your back.Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

The back contains a flap that is removable and can be removed to increase the intensity of the massage. The cloth can also be removed for washing and cleaning.

Heat technology is incorporated in the nodes. Infrared radiations heat up the nodes only and these nodes when touch the mode imparts warmth to the body for deep muscle massage. This function is optional and you can use this machine with or without heat function as you pleased.

For more relaxation the seat is given the function of vibration. This vibration will make sure that your thighs will get proper relaxation. It will alleviate the pain in thigh muscles.

Then comes the side of this massage, its sides are augmented with the airbags. These airbags use the function of air compression to massage your waist and hips too. The intensity of this massage can be set at 3 different levels, as body needs. Plus this function is cyclic in nature.

This is very versatile in design and can fit any chair of yours. One more thing is that you can use it even in the office along with at home. Now you can enjoy a perfect spa like a massage anywhere.

It comes with a remote control which is very user friendly. You can control this cushion according to your need. Moreover anyone can understand the remote easily.

You must not miss the opportunity to purchase this machine, after all it is a solution to all your problems.


  • Designed for full body massage it has nodes which can move in the back of the chair to massage your back.
  • Nodes can be set to give pin point massage
  • Nodes can be set in 3 ways to massage specific areas of the back; full back, lower back, upper back.
  • Special nodes are there to massage neck potion
  • Air bags are present which use air compression to massage your back and hips with 3 adjustable intensities.
  • Heat technology is present which with the help of IR radiation heat up the nodes and nodes while massaging provide warmth to the muscles to relax them more effectively. This functional is optional
  • Movement of nodes can be set in a way that they can give you 2D and 3D finger pressure.
  • This has an ergonomic design and is made by keeping in mind the needs of the human body.
  • It can be used at home and in the office without any difficulty and it can be set on any chair.
  • Comes with easy to understand remote control.


  • It gives a full body massage.
  • It has 2D and 3D finger pressure techniques.
  • Designed to meet the human body needs.
  • Heating nodes to provide deep warmth along with massage.
  • Air bags are present to massage waist and hips along with 3 intensities.
  • Back flap is removable which ensures the intensity of the massage.
  • For the pains of neck, back, shoulders and thighs.
  • Massage areas can be set according to need.
  • Versatile design.[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#0c9e21″][su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#21b40b”]
    • Full body massage; highly versatile in its function.
    • Provides a vast variety of functions.
    • Can be used anywhere.
    • Easy and efficient use



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    • None


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All the features of it are so amazing that one will never leave it unpurchased. It is a perfect solution to your muscle issue and it will save you time. You will not have to go to any professional or to spa for massage and it is indeed a one-time investment, you have to spend money on it for one time and then enjoy massage in infinite numbers. You can purchase it for you and you can gift it to your family members like your parents, grandparents and spouse. It can be gifted to other people on special occasions and they will like it a lot. Purchasing it will give you a favor in case of your muscles. For your relaxation it a must purchase. So order it now.



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