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Selfcare should not be hard or time taking. If it is made easier, it will be done more frequently. Bearing this in mind, we help you find the best scalp massager for hair growth. It is easy to lose track of the quality of your hair over time. It is also easy to ignore the needs of your hair and let them dry out and become coarse. But, it is time to change it. It can be done by switching up your hair routine.

For this, you can invest in a scalp massager. A water-safe scalp massager will allow you to wash your hair and use it as a shampoo brush as well as a massager. The massager will basically help in creating a thick lather and it will get rid of all the build-up dead cells, oil, and dandruff. The deep cleaning feature will be able to eliminate any bacteria that may be sitting on the scalp surface hampring the growth of the hair. It may even de-clog the hair follicles deeply ventilating them. This makes a hair massager a particularly useful tool to have. The same results are hard to achieve by hand washing the hair. Furthermore, a good massager undoes the stress and the burden of the day. It replaces the pressure built up in the nerves and the nape region by providing a fresher and faster circulation for improved stimulation.
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The cleaning function and the massage’s effect on blood circulation stimulate hair growth. This can allow you to have thicker, healthier and shinier hair. That too, without any effort. Electric massagers are not only time saving, but they also save effort and energy. All you got to do is charge it and take it to your shower.

If you are looking for simpler massagers then too you can enjoy many options from this list and lengthen, soften and enrich your hair in no time.

Image result for Tezam Octopus Scalp Massager

Tezam Octopus Scalp Massager

Tezam makes eccentric massagers. The Tezam Octopus scalp massager is designed for stress relief, healing and hair improvement. These unique functions make this massager a particularly handful tool for your personal care needs. You can use it simply after a long day or before the start of a long day. It can be taken on trips with you.


The Tezam Octopus offers upto 8500 micro-vibrations per minute. This is powerful and perfectly tickly for new cell regeneration and repairment. You can relax with this massager at any time, anywhere. It is fit for use in public. It has a soft fingertip simulator. It comes in a soft resin construction for comfortable contact with sensitive scalps. It has innovative tapping motions to emulate the human touch on your head. It is soothing and allows tight muscles, sore nerves, and trigger points to be managed gently. You can use it before your shower or after it, after you have dried your hair.


It is travel-friendly

Fit for sensitive scalps


  • You need to put in the work for it Can not be used as a shower brush,
  • must be used outside the showerIt comes in only one color i.e. brown.
    to work

You can enjoy a spa hair cleansing and head massage treatment at the ease of your home. This makes this massager ideal and fit for home use.

Image result for Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush - Handheld Vibrating Massager, Water-Resistant Device - Purple

Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush – Handheld Vibrating Massager, Water-Resistant Device – Purple

Vitagoods also makes peculiar massagers. One of these is the Vitagoods Scalp Massager. It has a built-in shampoo brush and can be used in the shower without any risks. Your hair will become beautiful and rejuvenated after use. This is because it removes dirt and improves circulation in smooth and fast strokes that can not be achieved by using your own hands on a daily basis. Washing longer hair is a lengthy task, so this massager will lather and help in washing all build-up at once without any pain or time consumption.


It works through a battery. The batter is basically 1 double A cell that you can put in. It will last several washes. It can be kept anywhere. You can place it at your bathroom counter, at your desk or even in the shower area of your bathroom. The massager is storage efficient.


    • It is water-resista
    • It has a vibrating function
    • It is handheld and ergonomically built
    • Safe for use on children


  • It is made in only one color i.e purple

Not only does it cleanse but also soothes the scalp. This is important if you want to grow your hair. A relaxed scalp will produce more hair cells and allow the hair shaft to be stronger than before thus, more attractive on the whole. Your children can use it on its own. No need to monitor them.

Codream Scalp Massager

Codream makes dreamy massagers popular in spa circles. These allow the user to stimulate the scalp and allow the hair follicles to be rubbed, cleaned and supplied with fresh blood from the veins.


It has soft silicon massage nodes and bristles. It is particularly useful for women. However, if you area ale looking to grow your hair this can also provide you an in-depth hair service each night. You can create an in-home spa for you or your loved ones with this one. It will also reduce frizz and allow a soft and shiny sheen on the top of each strand upon repeat usage. It has a simple use. It is highly portable and can be used through simple with a fingertip operation of on/off control of vibration.


    • Removes pollution, dirt, dandruff and all kinds of bad odor from the hair
      Can be used with deep conditioners, massage oils, and hair treatments as well as shampoos
      Will promote your hair to have a healthy body rather than being limp and dull
      Highly water-resistant
    • Ergonomically built


  • Requires 2 x AAA Battery operated which are not included

You can relax with this and use it as a head-scratcher to release the pent up anxiety and stress. Such stimulation promotes healthy hair growth and improves the texture of your hair. You will have tangle-free hair with use over time when paired with a good quality shampoo.

Image result for TOUCHBeauty Sonic (TB-1718)

TOUCHBeauty Sonic (TB-1718)

The Touchbeauty Sonic has been optimized for hair growth and texture improvement. It is fit for use with fine hair, it will not break them, it is also fit for use with thick hair, it will not tangle them or make them coarse. The new generation Sonic helps in facial cleaning as well. It comes with two brushes. One can be used for facial cleansing and the other one can be used for hair and scalp. It vibrates to promote cell health and allows the cell generation to be faster.


It is a great tool to relieve stress. It gets into pressure points and eases tension. It can also be used as a dry body brush to reduce cellulite. You can use it to relieve any tension built up in your neck, shoulder or leg muscles. It is a multi-purpose tool that is highly recommended for at-home spa treatments. It offers a deep tissue massage for all parts of your body. It is washable and removable nodes can be cleaned easily.


comes with two different massage heads

has an adjustable vibration intensity

it is multipurpose and versatile

silicone and plated options for everyday use

available in many color options

allows you to enjoy a 12-month warranty


  • -Does not come with a travel bag

This allows for long and silky hair within a week of use. The hair will continue to improve and strengthen upon a time.

Image result for MARNUR Scalp Massager

MARNUR Scalp Massager

Marnur makes whole-rounded massagers. These are flexible to use, require much less maintenance and come with spare parts to use for a long period of time. The Marnur scalp massager has a built-in electric massage brush. It also has a battery-operated vibration function. This allows it to produce scalp-deep stimulations. It carries 3 additional parts, these are basically some interchangeable attachments for more unique and varying massages.


The massager is hand-held and ergonomically built. It includes a basic hairbrush attachment. It also includes a mini body massager and a shower loofah pad. These attachments make it highly versatile for a 360-degree body care experience in the shower with one device. You can use the same nodes and allow it to massage your spine, back, nape of the neck, temples and possibly any part of your body that may require attention.

The loofah can help in scrub and exfoliating. It is fit for use on animals and pets. It can also be used in children.


      • Simple fingertip switch on/off control
    •  Includes two AA batteries

Ergonomically built


Can be used during the shower, but should not be immersed in the tub.
It does not come with a travel case.

If you need a complete massage solution unit for your beauty needs as well as your hair and stress needs, then the Marnur Scalp Massage unit can be ideal for you.


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