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If you have ever had the pleasure of having the opportunity to get a full body massage or simply a simple back one, you know how stress relieving and rejuvenating the experience can be. You go in full of tension and tight muscles and you leave the spa or therapy center with a new outlook on the world and a super rested back. We will talk about Best back massager handheld in this article.

However if we are being realistic, going in for weekly or even monthly sessions can be nearly impossible as the cost is very high and not something just everyone can afford. Having a soothing back massage how ever becomes extremely important especially if you are of a slightly advanced age and even if you are younger, the constant use of hand held devices means we tend to have a lot of build up of tension and stress in our back areas.
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So what does one do? Quite simply put, one can invest in a good hand held electric massager that will not be too heavy on the pocket and will mean that instead of having to rely on professionals you can simply give yourself an easy back massage within the comfort of your home.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable option, we recommend the Pado Purewave technology device that has been designed while keeping ergonomics in mind. Since using hand held devices can cause cramps in itself, the comfort grip on this product ensures a comfortable experience throughout. However if you’re not yet entirely convinced, we have much more options in store for you. So simply stay tuned to find out your best fit!

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   Pado Purewave

Starting off with our list, we have the Pado Purewave massager that provides the user with 3 unique massaging heads which are the Swedish massage, the acupuncture based massaging head and the deep tissue massage. These will tackle different areas and are best for varying levels of muscle aches and pains.

This cordless device is perfect to fix problem areas such as the back, the neck and other specific areas that needs your attention such aa super sore and knotted areas.

It comes with multiple attachments as well which are used for the 3 different massaging types we mentioned earlier. This makes this an attractive and versatile product to own for those of us who have little time on our hands.

It’s ergonomic design is by far the best of any device on this list as it has the most comfortable grip. You will also receive a 6 head stick which has been designed for larger muscles, 3 full body massage attachments, an aje cushion stick for boney areas and a point stick that is best to relieve pressure in specific problem areas. All of these functions ensure that the users blood flow is optimized.

Powered by a lithium ion battery, this device retains its battery charge for far longer than your regular devices. You will get 180 minutes of continuous use but if you space out the performance you may get up to 2 weeks.


  • 180 minutes of charge
  • Ergonomic design
  • 3 massaging settings and heads
  • Cordless


  • Bit pricey

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    TheraFlow Percussion Massager

We are now moving on to the next product in our list which is the TheraFlow Percussion Massager. What percussion based devices do is basically enable soothing percussion based vibrations that go down to the deepest level of your muscles and tissues to provide relief and relaxation.

The deep tissue relief technology ensures that the device targets any muscle and tissue soreness that you might be harboring. The percussion trigger massage pinpoints specific areas of stress and pain for the ultimate relief.

The device also comes with a super long power cord that means you can use the device with more freedom and movement around your house even as you work. It also makes the entire process very flexible and comfortable. You will be able to use one of three settings at a time which include different intensities including a shiatsu massage, a scalp massage and one based on acupuncture. This makes the entire process super customized which is a big plus on the purchase of this product.

The product also claims that users will receive a 1 year warranty which really gives you a lot of trust on the company and that they are sure of their products. It also promises that the device’s own battery is super strong and will not have to be replaced soon.


  • 1 year warranty
  • 3 unique settings
  • Long power cord
  • Percussion vibrations


  • Could be more Ergonomic

Image result for   Mighty Bliss Cordless


  Mighty Bliss Cordless

Ever experience that dreadful cramp in your body that you just cannot reach or release with your hands? If you’ve experienced constant back aches and are tired of painful muscle spasms then you need the Mighty Bliss Massager in your life!

It is designed specifically keeping the worse knotted messes and the most painful muscle aches that you are tired of dealing with. It claims to help end your pains and aches within a matter of seconds. It is so powerful that it works by providing 3700 pulse per minute! This means that it aids circulation of blood and soothes out your muscle problems in no time.

Although it is so powerful, that doesn’t mean that it employs huge amounts of force. On the contrary, this device works as gently as you would while kneading a ball of soft dough as it only provides exactly the right amount of pressure. If you want to experience true bliss you do not want to miss out on this product.

Along with all this you’ll find that the device itself is super lightweight to the touch which means that it will not cause your hands any discomfort even after extended usage. It is also a very sleek and slim design which makes it a great product to carry along with you as you travel without the added burden. It is also cordless which makes it even more portable. Muscle recovery technology ensures that you will be left feeling instantly recharged and rejuvenated after each use.

The company also offers an incredible lifetime warranty which quite frankly we have yet to wrap our heads around since the device must have some expiration date. Nevertheless the company still promises a lifetime replacement offer that lets the user get their money back any time they feel unsatisfied with the device which to be very honest is a big thing as they dont even ask for the device back.

It also offers 120 minutes of blissful spa therapy with its super strong lithium ion battery. Furthermore it takes an hour to charge which is pretty less compared to its output but were still not very impressed.


  • 120 minutes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 3700 pulse per minute
  • Ergonomic and lightweight


  • Could charge faster

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 Renpho Handheld

Onto the next product now we have the Renpho Handheld massager which is also a deep tissue massager that can be used to level out pains throughout the entire body. It also employs percussion based vibrations that help soothe out parts such as your neck, your back, your arms, legs, shoulders and even your feet.

This is the first massager we have reviewed that tackles so many body parts so easily.

It has a very powerful motor that gives up to 3600 pulse per minute technology and relieves all possible problem areas. Incase you fall asleep or simply forget to turn it off, do not worry since it has an automatic off setting after 20 minutes of activity. This also stops the device from heating up to dangerous levels.

It is also registered with the FDA and has been certified by the FCC in terms of quality assurance and safety standards.

It is also very compact and thus portable to use. It is hand held and therefore it has comfort grips that prevent possible discomfort. It also comes with 5 detachable attachments that you can set up as per your needs.

It also gives an output of 140 minutes of uninterrupted usage however as a drawback you cannot use it while it charges. This is to make the device safe but may hinder ease of use.


  • 140 minutes of charge
  • Ergonomic design
  • Tackles all parts of the body
  • FCC and FDA approved


  • Can’t be used while it charges

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 Intelitopia Massage Gun

We are at the final product for today which is the intelitopia Massage Gun which sounds as hardcore as it really is.

Its unique build and body reminds the user of a precision based gun that is designed to tackle certain areas how ever it is actually a multipurpose device that is specifically engineered to prevent dangerous and debilitating muscle diseases that cause acute and chronic pain. It increased blood circulation and pressue and helps the user loosen up their knotted muscles and tissues to prevent spasms and sores.

The latest version of the product ensures that the motor is of the best quality as its heat dissipation system allows for healing at the deepest level. The device also produces less sound as compared to previous versions and does not overheat as easily.

The massage heads which are 4 have 3 unique speed levels which can be adjusted as per the user’s needs. It has the flat nassage head which is for all body parts, the bullet massage head for your joints, the fork head which targets the spine and a round attachment which works the larger muscles. You can also set the speeds from 1800 to 2400 to 3200 which makes it versatile and simultaneously very strong.


  • 3 different settings for speed
  • 4 different massage heads
  • Cool and quiet


  • No Ergonomic design


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